What We Protect

Water Quality & Stream Buffers

The streams that flow through our eight-county region are the lifelines to sustaining communities and to maintaining the quality-of-life enjoyed by residents. Clean and plentiful drinking water is only possible if sensitive areas along rivers, creeks, and reservoirs can filter and absorb run-off. Tar River Land Conservancy works with landowners to preserve and restore forested stream buffers and wetlands and to exclude land located in floodplains and critical watershed areas from future development.

Working Farms & Forests

Crops and wood products generated on farms in our region are enjoyed locally and across the world. Farms sustain rural jobs and enterprises and are the engines of our local economies. Tar River Land Conservancy works to safeguard farms and timberland from development so that our region will continue to produce food and forest products for future generations.


Wildlife Habitat & Natural Areas

Our region offers habitat for an incredibly diverse group of native fish, wildlife, and plants. Some species found in our rivers and wetlands are found almost nowhere else in the world. As our communities grow, Tar River Land Conservancy works hard to safeguard areas of high biological diversity, important wildlife corridors, and natural areas unique to our region.


Recreational Open Space

Spending time outdoors is rejuvenating and invigorating. Our region offers a bounty of places to experience nature, from fields and forests to creeks and reservoirs. Tar River Land Conservancy acquires land so more people can enjoy and appreciate our natural environment.



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