Protected Lands

Tar River Land Conservancy is a non-profit organization protecting land and water in Edgecombe, Franklin, Granville, Halifax, Nash, Person, Vance and Warren Counties in North Carolina.  We work with private landowners, businesses and public agencies to protect these resources, which are important to our health, quality-of-life and economic well-being.  We achieve our goals by securing voluntary conservation easements and by acquiring land to protect water quality and stream buffers, working farms and forests, wildlife habitat and natural areas, and recreational open space.

Tar River Land Conservancy protects lands that meet rigorous conservation criteria and are significant for the protection of our land and water. Since 2000, Tar River Land Conservancy has protected the following land area across our service area:

•  Edgecombe County: 544 acres

•  Franklin County: 6,451 acres

•  Granville County: 6,199 acres

•  Halifax County: 1,093 acres

•  Nash County: 850 acres

•  Person County: 103 acres

•  Vance County: 523 acres

•  Warren County: 2,286 acres

Tar River Land Conservancy’s work grows in importance with each passing year. The land and water resources in our area face increasing threats from population growth, competing water and resource interests, aging ownership and other shifting economic trends that affect agricultural activities. We hope you will support our efforts to ensure that the current and future generations continue to enjoy the benefits of having high quality land and water resources in our area.